István “Szalonna” Pál and his Band celebrate their 15+1 anniversary in 2021. They invite their family members, friends and folk music lovers to join an exceptional musical experience at the jubilee concert.

The title “Together” suggests the theme of the concert. The main ambitions of the Band are education, safeguarding traditions and community building that convey the joy of singing and dancing together to the wider audiences. Meanwhile acquiring a huge heritage, which is of our own culture from the Carpathian basin. 

At the unparalleled concert, as many as almost a hundred musicians will evoke some of the treasures of this folk music from Szászcsávás, Magyarpalatka, Kalotaszeg, Budatelke, Rábaköz. Trainees from Transcarpathia, musicians from the Hungarian speaking regions will join the stunning celebration.

The Band has been the accompanying orchestra of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, thus spectacular dance scenes performed by the Ensemble will further heighten the experience.

Members of the Szalonna Band:

  • Pál István Szalonna
  • Pál Eszter
  • Pál Lajos
  • Doór Róbert
  • Gera Attila
  • Gombai Tamás
  • Karacs Gyula
  • Ürmös Sándor Ferenc


  • Musicians from Szászcsávás, Magyarpalatka, Kalotaszeg, Budatelke, Rábaköz
  • Tranees from Transcarpathia 
  • Juhász, Pósva, Tokos Bands
  • Blaskó Csaba, Csík János, Greznár Zoltán, Hrúz Dénes, Hrúz Szabolcs, Jobbágy Bálint, Pálházi Bence
  • Fix Stimm, Fonó, Tarsoly, Zagyva Bands
  • Hungarian State Folk Ensemble

Editor: Pál István Szalonna, Liszt Ferenc – award, merited artist

Director: Mihályi Gábor, Harangozó Gyula – award, kiváló művész