I. World Carnival

Spectacular carnival of nations with more than two hundred foreign dancers and musicians engaged in tradition and innovation, style and smile.


II. Carnival Caravan

A breath-taking interpretation of Hungarian folklore heritage will impress the audiences in the second part of the gala concert including the most memorable moments of the past 25 years. The exceptional atmosphere of the Jubilee performance is decorated by virtuosi solos, wondrous national costumes and finely chiselled musical accompaniment. Dynamic, rhythmic and stylistic variations add to the spirit of the heart-warming spectacle.

The large-scale “best-of” show is set up on stage in cooperation starring the Duna Art Ensemble, the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble and noted Hungarian dance ensembles.

Leading choreographers: Zsolt Juhász, Gábor Mihályi

Music leader: Zoltán Dulai

Director of the night: János Mucsi