The unique joint show crowns the Carnival with nearly 300 dancers and musicians in the picturesque surroundings of the Margaret Island Open Air Stage. 


I. World Carnival


Spectacular carnival of nations from Georgia to the USA with foreign dancers and musicians engaged in tradition and innovation, style and smile.


II. Dance Anthem, The homeland comes to light


The second act features a special performance dedicated to the 200-year anniversary of the Hungarian National Anthem with over a hundred dancers bringing this artistic cooperation to life.


Our national prayer comes from the depths of each and every Hungarian person’s heart. The thoughts worded by Kölcsey are interpreted bravely and freely by the composers in both dance and music. This performance evokes the spirituality of Saint Stephen’s Hungary along with the country’s role of a bridge as it connects East and West as well as the uprise of the Hungarian kind and its glorious existence in the Carpathian Basin.


Joining the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble and the Duna Art Ensemble are graduate dancers from the Hungarian Dance University. 


Participating: Baatarjav Erdene, Bolormaa Purevjav, Mongolia


Choreographers: György Ágfalvi, Máté Farkas, Dezső Fitos, Enikő Kocsis


Music: Balázs Cserta, Zoltán Dulai, László Kelemen


Editor choreographer: Zsolt Juhász, Harangozó Gyula Award


Music leader: István Pál „Szalonna”, Liszt Ferenc Award, Merited Artist


Choreographer-director: Gábor Mihályi, Kossuth and Harangozó Gyula Award, Artist of Excellence


Director of the night: János Mucsi, Harangozó Gyula Award, Merited Artist