Hungarian State Folk Ensemble

06.03. | 19:00 ÓRA
| 'Városmajor Open Air Stage | Budapest, XII. ker. Városmajor 6835/17 hrsz.

By creating ‘Highland Treasures’, the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble pioneers in presenting an overview of dance and music that originated from the ethnically diverse area in today’s Southern Slovakia. Béla Bartók, the world-famous composer and pianist started his work as an ethnomusicologist in this area. We concentrated on the cultural heritage of those villages where Bartók actually conducted his field research.

On the occasion of the anniversary, we can rediscover the genius of Béla Bartók. We focus our attention on an exemplary oeuvre and mentality leading us on the way of knowing folk music and folk dances as perfectly as possible, extracting our own up-to-date and live meanings.

Highland Treasures is the first part of the Bartók Trilogy. It is an authentic production, performed in a form that is the closest to the source. The following parts are going to pursue Bartók’s course from an inspiring model to a contemporary product, from the genuine to the abstract.


Music: Gergely Agócs

Choreographers and Dance Instructors:

Rita Furik, Richárd Kökény, Gábor Mihályi, Mihály Richtarcsik, Dusán Hégli, Anikó Lépes, Stanislav Marišler, Lindá Luptáková, Vladimír Michalko, Marianna Svoreňová

Lights/Setting: Péter Gerzson Kovács

Graphics: Bori Vilma Kovács

Costumes: Rita Furik

Chief Choreographers: Dusán Hégli, Gábor Mihályi 

Assistant to Director: Gábor Mihályi

Director: Péter Gerzson Kovács


Conductor/Lead fiddler: Ferenc Radics

Dance Instructor: Richárd Kökény

Assistants: Beatrix Borbély, Katalin Jávor, György Ágfalvi

Artistic leader: István Pál Szalonna

Artistic Director: Gábor Mihályi