Hungarian State Folk Ensemble - Hungarian Heritage House

06.08. | 19:00 ÓRA
| 'Városmajor Open Air Stage | Budapest, XII. ker. Városmajor 6835/17 hrsz.

The performance entitled Evoking Ruthenia, Across the Mountain Pass and Back is the first of its kind in the history of staged Hungarian folk dance performances which introduces the varied and rich traditional cultures of all the peoples (Hungarians, Ukrainians, Ruthenes, Hutsuls, Romanians, Roma, and Jews) who live in the Eastern Carpathians and in Ruthenia within the framework of an anthology. This performance highlights the common features, as well as the differences between the traditions of these peoples. However, the emphasis is put on the common roots, with vivid representations of the natural similarities which stem from a shared historic past. (The Ruthene peoples who still hold the memory of Ferenc Rákóczi II in high regard are proud that their ancestors had protected the castles of the “Great Lord” side by side with the Hungarians.)

Passing these traditions on and understanding the language of folklore, our own heritage and of the people living with us create opportunities for meetings and also for expressing ourselves. The theatre provides both a mirror and a chance for these meetings to take place. It feels good to glance into this mirror: it will show its images to both its creators and to those who will experience the state of inspired reception and acceptance in the silence which belongs to the spectator.


Solo vocalists: Eszter Pál, Milán Hetényi, Balázs Szoboszlai
Evoked by Gabriella Bakos
Composer: István „Szalonna” Pál
Musical editor: Lajos Pál
Choreographers: Dezső Fitos, Richárd Kökény, Gábor Mihályi
Costume: Rita Furik
Scenery: Zsuzsa Molnár
Video animation: Andrea Soós
Lighting: László Győri
Artistic collaboration: Orza Calin

Director-choreographer, artistic director: Gábor Mihályi

The archive images which appear in the performance are from the photograph collection of the Hungarian Folklore Museum.



The shows are followed by Dance Houses