Forever and ever…

06.09. | 19:00 ÓRA
| 'Erzsébetliget Theatre, Mátyásföld | Budapest, XVI. ker. Hunyadvár u. 43/d

The Duna Art Ensemble has been the host performing group of the Danube Carnival from the start; their fates have been intertwined ever since. We are proud to greet the respected troupe at its anniversary.

The show presents emblematic choreographies from the last three decades including authentic folklore and dance theatre, funny and chamber dance pieces.

The show is a great opportunity for the performers and the audiences for joint remembrance and celebration.



Present and former members of the Duna Art Ensemble

Hungarian State Folk Ensemble

Zalka-Bolyai Dance Ensemble


Music leader: Zoltán Dulai

Director: János Mucsi, Zsolt Juhász