We wish the participants and the visitors of the Carnival meaningful and pleasant time!

Welcome to the Danube Carnival!

Budapest hosts one of the most colourful cultural series of events of the Hungarian summer every June. The Danube Carnival awaits you with a wide range of phenomenal programs on several spots of the city: enjoy the folk, symphonic and world music, traditional and contemporary dance and the colourful folklore of the participating countries!

The “Prime Class” festival promises to provide the audience with long-lasting experience in different styles. For two decades the prestigious Carnival has been delivering the best performers of many genres aiming to preserve the values and cultural heritage that are significant elements in community building.

Virtuoso and breath-taking fusion of symphonic and authentic folk music will impress the audiences of the Gala concert at the Margaret Island Open Air Stage. Spectacular scenes performed by the best Hungarian professional dance troupes will make the experience unforgettable.

This year a brand new program series, titled Colourful Homeland will await you with unique productions presenting the picturesque folklore heritage of the country’s various nationalities.

We invite You to join the hundreds of Hungarian and foreign dancers and musicians engaged in tradition and innovation, style and smile.

János Mucsi


‘Before trying to understand other nations we have to understand ourselves. Nothing is more suitable for this than a folk song. And the best way to recognise foreign nations is through their folk songs.”

– remembering the 50th anniversary of his death, let us quote Zoltán Kodály.

The most beautiful masterpieces of a nation’s collective remembrance are the folk songs and folk dances, which give a thorough and true picture of the national identity through love, fate, patriotism, tragic heroes or the universal language of dance that connects people. The touchstones of a community are not devised by the people of a given passing moment, but by the thoughts and emotions that are indited throughout centuries and millenniums by chains of generations. This makes them eternal and touches us instantly.

My first presence at an international folk dance festival in my teenage years has had a life-long impact on me. Thousands of colours and sounds of different cultures swirled within. All had an incomparably wondrous resonance in me as if I had found a connection to every nation.

I wish everybody to experience this wonderful feeling. I am glad to offer the Danube Carnival that brings the bustle of dances and music to our capital city year by year to please our souls and senses.

István Berecz solo dancer
Awarded by the Golden Spur, folk music leader of the Fonó Buda Music House